Teach for Egypt founders with Hind Wassef (Diwan Bookstore)

On Thursday, June 14th, Endeavor Egypt hosted an event for the winners of the NEGMA competition. The event was in light of the partnership initiated between Endeavor Egypt and NEGMA Initiative.

“Endeavor is one of our partners. We admire what they are doing, their model, work and approach.” Nadine Farag, one of the Co-Founders of Negma, said.

Similarly to Endeavor’s mission, NEGMA also seeks to identify young Entrepreneurs who will help in Egypt’s economic development, by sponsoring an annual Conference in which 10 Finalists compete for resources to help launch into action; NEGMA seeks to create a community of innovators and entrepreneurs. The top three winners for this year are:   Ability Call Center, an innovative initiative to interate Egypt’s physically disabled population with the professional community; Teach For Egypt, a movement to reform the Egyptian education sector and Fab Lab, a project which aims at creating Egypt’s first digital fabrication lab.

After being introduced to Endeavor, the top three winners at The Negma competition were offered a chance to learn from Endeavor Entrepreneurs, like Moatasem Osam (E-Masary), Amr Shady (T.A. Telecom) and Hind Wassef (Diwan Bookstores).


FabLab founders with Amr Shady (T.A.Telecom)

The winners got the opportunity to meet with the entrepreneurs to share experience and discuss business plans. They also received some tips on how to manage their business challenges and how to turn their obstacles into possibilities for new achievements.

“We thought our meeting with Amr Shady was very beneficial. It offered us a two way communication. We believe this event was an introduction of a new partnership with Amr shady, and a great networking opportunity,” stated Ashraf Fahmy, Loauy Farag, Hisham Khoudeir and Dina el Zanfaly, Founders of Fab Lab.


Amr Shady said how inspired he was by the Fab Lab project. “Their social venture has lots of promise and I related quickly to their mission.  It was interesting to share entrepreneurship ‘war stories’, pitfalls we’ve been through as T.A. Telecom and challenges we faced”, he said.

Teach for Egypt Team, Nada Ramadan, who is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Arab studies, along with Yichen Feng, Harvard graduate, both praised Endeavor Egypt’s work.

“The portfolio is quite amazing, different businesses from different industries. Other entrepreneurship organizations are interested in just technology related business. Endeavor has various entrepreneurs from bookstores to food and many others.” Feng said.

“The Entrepreneurs were great, helping us understand how to take the context and idea we have, then see the challenges and opportunities at the same time”, Ramadan said.

Hind Wassef, Diwan Bookstore Co-Founder, discussed how positive meeting new entrepreneurs can be. “It’s always invigorating and enjoyable to meet young entrepreneurs. Yes the process is to be repeated; it is mutually beneficial.” she said.

She continued “[Teach for Egypt] seemed to want to target grants rather than fund-raise for investment. I simply advised them to tailor their pitch depending on who they are targeting.”

Endeavor Egypt’s partnership with NEGMA is one of the initiatives we’re taking to spread our mission, create a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem and outreach to more and more young Egyptian entrepreneurs, to let them know that we are here to help.